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My name is Gaynor and I am an experienced Registered General Nurse and Independent Nurse Prescriber. My background begins when I qualified over 30 years ago in 1984 developing my skills as I worked in many different aspects of nursing. In 2008 I moved down from North West London continuing with my nursing career and in 2011 I branched out into the aesthetic field of nursing, where I now specialise in non-surgical cosmetic treatments. I also worked for many years in vascular nursing where I had the opportunity to do my training in treating leg thread veins (telangiectasia) known as microsclerotherapy. To maintain up to date and safe practice I am a member of the British Association of Cosmetic Nurses and British Association of Sclerotherapists.

I very much focus on providing treatments that aim to improve the skin as well as offer treatments that help to maintain a youthful look. Being passionate about great skin and anti-ageing, I work with my clients through their journey to achieve their own radiant and healthy looking skin.

Treatments by Gaynor Hughes


Visible superficial veins on the legs are often called thread veins or spider veins; the medical term though is telangiectasia. They can be unsightly and many people feel they need to continuously cover their legs up even during the summer.

The most effective treatment for leg thread veins is by microsclerotherapy. This involves injecting a solution known as a sclerosant into the vein using a very fine needle. This causes the walls of the tiny vein to collapse and then the healing process of breaking it down begins. Initially the veins will still be visible during this healing process but will begin to fade away after a few weeks.

A full assessment of your legs will be carried out during your consultation to check your suitability for this treatment and to check there are no signs of varicose veins present.  

To obtain good results, you usually require more than one treatment (on average 2-3 treatments) and the time between treatments is usually 6-12 weeks. This may seem a long time but it allows your body to do its work of breaking down the vein that has been treated.

It is recommended to wear compression hosiery for 2 weeks post treatment.


The Obagi® Medical is currently one of the leading and effective skin care products available and Gaynor has been one of their Obagi® Ambassadors for several years.


Obagi® Medical is a skin care range that has been specifically formulated to transform your skin from within resulting in younger and healthier looking skin. These are clinically proven to work at cellular level restoring normal function of the skin cells.

The Obagi® product range can help reduce the visible signs of ageing which include, fine lines and wrinkles, hyperpigmentation, melasma, laxity and uneven skin tone. Some of the Obagi® Medical products are prescription strength.


Skin concerns that Obagi® Medical products can help are –

Acne, oily and blemishes                                                              Sun damaged skin

Dry Skin                                                                                                Signs of ageing

Skin around the eyes                                                                     Sensitive skin

Young skin                                                                                          Uneven skin tone and texture


Following a consultation and assessment of your skin, a treatment plan can be made with the recommended skin care product that will be suitable for you.



Skin peels


Skin peels are an excellent way to exfoliate and rejuvenate the skin. They are useful in treating conditions associated with hyperpigmentation, sun damaged and acne prone skin. The Enerpeel® range includes a gentle skin peel for skin that is sensitive and signs of rosacea.  Enerpeel® - The Inner Peel, work in the skin and not on the skin so there is very minimal downtime which is especially beneficial when we have such busy lives. By treating this way the skin is remodelled from within therefore resulting in healthy looking skin.

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