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Ageing is one thing that none of us really have any control over whatsoever.

Yes we are all going to get old. Its a fact! For many of us this is totally terrifying.

Yes I’m one of these people for sure.


Of course we don’t want to find the fountain of youth( well maybe some do). The real concern is the mere appearance of ageing We all just need that little bit of help.


When it comes to make up that can age you, there are a good few common mistakes that most of us are guilty of trying. Even professional level makeup application is useless without a proper canvas- Your Skin.


The skin is our bodies largest organ, and it often reflects on the outside what is going on internally.

Ever wondered why pale woman get asked if they are unwell? Exactly!


Make up can be used to express yourself day and night but can conceal. This is where the problem can lie.

Covering dry, dull skin with a thick layer of heavy foundation is only going to mask your look. Its not going to make you look any younger or more radiant. You can not mask dehydration with a highlighter no matter how dewy. The best way to let that inner light shine through is to turn it on!

Fuel your body with health foods which yes does include healthy fats. Don’t forget to drink plenty of water. At least 8 glasses a day for the optimum health. This your skin will really thank you for.


Developing a SkinCare regimen that best suits your skin and your lifestyle is so important. The most important thing with the skin and maintaining a fabulous appearance is to learn and understand what it really needs, what your skin type is and to use the perfect products to maintain it.


Alway use sun protection. Sun exposure increases the risk of skin cancer but also causes such ageing damage to you skin. This also happens with sunbeams. Hello Wrinkles. Add SPF protection to your daily skincare regime , weather it be an SPF alone or a makeup containing Spa within it.


There’s a lot of debate what we should be avoiding on our skin when it comes to makeup. Chemical compounds such as Parabens for example. Considering makeup and Skincare is absorbed by the skin, or inhaled and even ingested on application, is I do think that this is pretty concerning.


Now lets move on to that makeup bag of yours and applying those products

Hiding those signs of ageing under layers of foundation is actually going to make you look older. A heavy foundation will settle into those fine lines of your face and accentuate them.

Try to go for a lighter base instead. Remember wrinkles are not something to be ashamed of, they are a sign of a life well lived. There is no need to wipe evidence of them from our faces completely.

Application of products should be a gentle affair. Getting aggressive with that beauty blender can traumatise the skin and actually cause wrinkles, especially around the eye area.



When should I stop wearing my winged eyeliner? How about contouring? The answer to this is when you can’t be bothered to apply anymore. Sticking to a limit amount of age appropriate makeup looks is only going to reinforce to you and the rest of the world that you are giving in to the industrywide of what age appropriate is. And really thats kind of ridiculous.

No beauty look should be off limit to anybody. Its just playing with the look and getting it right for yourself.


Remember The world of Makeup and Skincare Products can be so confusing, and its hard to tell genuine advice from a marketing ploy.

Buy whats great for your skin and health and not buy into the idea that you’re anything but beautiful at what ever age you are. Be and look Amazing!!


Dawn Newman

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