Hair Removal

Permanent hair removal of unwanted hair. A small probe is inserted into the follicle to heat the Matrix cells of the hair and destroy the hair follicle. This is the best solution for unwanted brow hairs or grey and white hairs left over after IPL treatments.

Lisa has over 25 years’ experience in electrolysis and believes it is the perfect solution to remove unwanted hair untreatable by other methods and can be effective without scarring of the skin.Lisa does not believe in the blend method, she believes that direct  heat applied to the root of the hair is the most effective. And her results speak for them selves.

Advanced Electrolysis

Skin Tag Removal

Skin Tag removal is effortless using the electrolysis probe to remove and cauterise the skin tag. A small pin size scab will be left after the treatment and will heal within a week. A small pale dot may be left on some darker skins but tend to heal and reduce after a few months.

Skin Tags on Darker skin are removed on the same way, but however, will leave small pale scars in their place. These can fade over time.

Vein Cauterisation

Cauterisation of small thread veins around the nose and face. IPL is always the first choice in these cases, electrolysis can be very effective treating more stubborn and deeper veins to finish off the treatment.

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