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Wanting to understand your skin better? You may have heard us use terms in our advanced digital skin consultations, and Mollie's here to explain and break down these terms!

Mollie has been a licensed senior esthetician and skincare specialist for 6 years at Dorchester Aesthetics Centre. She has a passion for helping others improve their skin health and is able to tailor a plan to meet your skinc​are needs. Mollie is skilled and knowledgable in a wide variety of skin issues and concerns. With this blog, she wants to help educate others and allow them to feel good in themselves inside and out.


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Mollie's Reviews


"I’ve been going to Dorchester Aesthetics for a couple of years and on a regular basis. I enjoy my visits! Not just because of the treatments, but the staff are so very lovely. I always try to book in with Mollie - she’s an amazing therapist, very skilled, always perfect! But, importantly for me too, I also love to chat with her and we always giggle. She feels more like a friend!

I can’t recommend DAC highly enough. A fabulous, professional and friendly team."

"I visited Dorchester Aesthetics today for the first time, and I’m seriously impressed! Mollie made sure I was happy with the suggestions she made and checked throughout."

"Loved my treatment from Mollie, very friendly atmosphere!"

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We offer a professional environment of aesthetic treatments catering to all in the trans community. We are here to help you transition into your authentic self, by providing a welcoming space and a wide range of leading laser hair removal, skincare treatments, makeup, and beauty treatments.


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