Permanent Make-up and Microblading


Permanent makeup is a soft enhancement or correction of a person’s natural features. By implanting micro pigment into the surface of the skin we enhance your natural beauty. Lisa Ryall artist and trainer has over 28 years experience in the art of permanent makeup. 

Permanent make-up is an Art not a Science. 


It is often required to have two treatments to get the best results. We need the skin to heal after the first procedure to ascertain what is needed to perfect the application.


Consultations are recommended to ensure that you are happy with your procedure and that it enhances the natural you. Most important is to wake up in the morning looking fresh and pretty as opposed to made-up or overdone.


Together we will design the perfect effect to make you feel enhanced and beautiful.





Eyebrows will never be perfectly symmetrical; if they were you wouldn’t look natural. We say that eyebrows are sisters not twins. This is why Lisa does not work with stencils but designs with the naked eye. Eyebrows frame our face and the slightest adjustment in shape makes all the difference. It is essential to take the time during your treatment to ensure that the brows are perfectly designed to suit your style and taste. Offering Microblading, shadow, feather and block Permanent Makeup.


Microblading 3D Brow


Textured Brow

Shadow Brow

Extended Brow

Block Brow

Defined Brow with texture


'Eyes are the windows to our soul' They define who you are. Whether dramatic or a subtle enhancement, Permanent makeup eyeliner brightens and defines, opening the eyes. Wake up with Makeup! Permanent makeup eyeliner can be styled for your individual needs.



Standard Eyeliner

Natural enhancement

Top wedge

Top Flick

Lushious Lips

Natural and soft Lip enhancements are always recommended with Permanent makeup. To give your lips a little colour, to redefine your lipline or gently enhance and uplift your lip shape.



A blush of colour.

Soft definition lip liner.

Full colour.

Balancing and making the lips look fuller.

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